The Jacket

240 cm x 100 cm x 7 cm
4 / 7

The Jacket is a custom made art table created by artist and product designer Paco Raphael.“Why should art be limited to a canvas on the wall?” was the question that led to this series of eye catching tables for home and office. The elementary coloured industrial artwork at the 7 cm thick tabletop is digitally mixed of pictures of contemporary cityscapes and advertisements of urban industrial life in the 1950ies, 60ies and 70ies, then finished by hand with paint, pen and stencils and made to last with a polyurethane gloss. “We don’t stop at the print, but redesign the whole object from the core. We question the form of known objects and take them to a new level. A level where a table has steel, powder coated legs that are an art piece in themselves, and even the bolted construction is redesigned to fit our style and quality. The result is a versatile, vibrant table that crosses the line between art and design.
The art table is available at the Paco Raphael studio in Amsterdam and galleries worldwide, in different variations and various sizes. Each combination however, is only made in a series of seven handmade and unique pieces. Made in collaboration with Jelle Engel