The Bird – Motacilla Alba

150 x 30

This bird has wings that can do more than flying. These two steel wings open to offer you full light on your table top, and gracefully close to create a more intimate atmosphere. With streetlights that you typically find on the sidewalk as an inspiration, Paco Raphael brings outdoor industrial lighting indoors. Starting from a passion for vintage signages and billboards and how they colour the nighttime cityscapes, Paco Raphael produces an indoor industrial designlamp that adds urbanity to your home or office.
The Bird is made of matte powdercoated steel with an aluminium reflector to enhance every watt this LED light offers. The special designed coloured reflector inside and brass screws top things off royally. The Bird is available in a widespread 1.50 meter length and an extensive 35 cm to 20 cm rectangle to fit more informal settings. Paco created different graphics for the inside refector that showcases the vibrant products that he is renowned for. Each lamp is special.
- Material: close to dimm matte steel wings, plated aluminum, brass screws
- Technical details: 22 watt LED 110/220V